I just got back from another trip. It always amazes me how fellow travelers appear to leave their etiquette
at home and take their selfish me when leaving their house. After a long journey to the airport, we check
in, begin to experience the security woes, que for a coffee, the bathroom and finally make it to the
boarding gate. Most of us are already exhausted and the thrill of going away has diminished somewhat.
Here we are onboard for the next 8 hours, like chickens in a cage. Shuffling to our seats and the annoyance
starts. Let’s have look.

Seat number

Do check that your seat number is correct. If you are not happy with your seat, now is not the
time to complain. Take your seat and wait until the stewardess is able to address your problem
after take-off. Also, empty seats that are available should only be taken after takeoff with the
permission of a stewardess.

Overhead locker

Your luggage should be stowed away in the overhead locker. Be considerate and leave enough
space for others. If you have two carry-on bags, place the smallest bag under your seat in front
of you for the flight.

Armrest and Seat

When seated be mindful when using the armrest. Do not sit as a king on his throne as others
need space as well. Do not recline your seat until airborne. Be careful and look behind you
when reclining your seat as the other passenger can hold his drink or move his laptop. When
meals are served your seat should be in the upright position so the person behind you also has
enough space to enjoy their meal.

Feet and socks

Taking off your shoes might be comfortable if it is bearable for the other passengers. A strong
foot odor is not funny for 8 hours or longer. I would strongly recommend putting them back on
when going to the galley or the toilet. Also keep your feet in your own space and not in the
vicinity of your fellow passengers.

Chit chat

Some would like to take the opportunity to make some new friends. This is not really done as
others cannot escape from your idle chit chat. You can gauge if they want to chat, otherwise
just leave others alone.

Night time

After a meal or night flight the cabin crew will dim the lights, to allow passengers to relax and
sleep. Be considerate to keep your conversation and volume to a minimum. If you are using a
phone or I pad, put your screen brightness on night shift.


Keep your children in check. Try to occupy them with games and the inflight film entertainment
also correct bad behaviour. You are the parent 24 hours a day and a flight does not give a free
pass for your children to run wild.


Then there is the time to use the toilet. Try to use the bathroom for a minimum in order not to
disturb others. When going to the toilet go quickly and do not make a mess. Remember the
toilet is dirty, clean and wipe areas down after use. Try to plan your toilet breaks so they don’t
clash with meals being served. Be respectful to others and especially the cabin crew.

Have a safe and enjoyable flight!