Last week I went to a business event. All the guest speakers and participants talked about their successes and prosperous projects. Unfortunately, nobody talked about the difficulties in start-ups or valuable lessons learned from their mistakes. Are we that scared to be vulnerable or to help others to reach their goals?

Of course, it is not a surprise. If you look at platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook we highlight only the positive aspects of our lives to promote ourselves and businesses. All is great and fabulous all the time. But is it? If you spend so much time on social media are you really experiencing the great things or are you just bragging about it. There is nothing wrong with having confidence. But are you leaving some breathing space for others that cannot keep up. There are those who cannot afford the latest fashion or the dream holiday to Hong Kong.

What are we teaching our kids? Are we setting our expectations on such a high pedestal? Will our kids dare to come to us if things are not that great? Are they able to handle some setbacks?
What about those that have depressions? Will they seek help? I read a study that the individual countries are more focused on goals such as money, fame and image; which is correlated with anxiety and depression. Are we putting too much pressure on our basic needs in life? A house, food and of course HEALTH?

What about our norms and values? Do we still respect others that are less fortunate or have not reached their goals yet? Is this it, that what makes us human? What do you feel about this?