We see it every season. Something is in fashion and we all think we should wear it. Instead, try to have your own style; a style that fits, that celebrates your own body type, age and social or business situation. Do not wear that crop top or fluffy flip flops. If it is not flattering or uncomfortable, do not wear it.
Let’s look at some basic styling tips.

1. Shoes
Wear shoes that are in good condition and well-polished. That new nice dress or suit will kill the look you were after if your shoes do not match. Also, make sure you can walk on those stilettos otherwise do not wear them at all. Kitten heels or ballerinas might be a better option for you.

2. One piece
There is no need for a lot of different great pieces to wear at once. You are not some fashion doll right out of the shop. Wear one piece that attracts and draws the attention to the best parts of your body.

3. Attention to detail
Be well groomed, even a plain combo will look great. Give it a bit of an edge by using some red/ purple lipstick. Or give your basic look an extra wow factor by one or two accessories, like some big golden earrings and red heels.

4. Lingerie
Always wear a well fitted bra. Nothing is worse than if the attention is taken away from your nice shirt, by some dangling bits.  Take care when wearing tight clothes. Extra lines around your top or bottom is not flattering at all.

5. Skin
Do not show too much skin. Make that the dress looks great by either showing legs, shoulders or a bit of cleavage. It should look sexy but not cheap.

6. Tailor your clothes
Ensure that you buy clothes that are well fitted. If not, tailor them. Nice new slacks that are too long or too short will destroy the look you are hoping for. Also, never buy clothes that are too small, you might not lose that extra weight in the future. If your clothes are too tight or too big you will look larger then you are.

7. Wash label
Do not buy clothes if you are not able to take care of them. If you never do hand wash, do not buy it. Look and check the label and try on the clothes before you buy them. Your clothes need to be comfortable and not itchy.

8. Shop
Shop for some good quality items in the sale, like a winter coat. Do not seduce yourself to something you’re likely to wear only once. Buy different items of clothes that you can mix and match with other clothing.