Observe You have a business trip planned in the near future. This business trip you feel will either transform you and your company or it’ll remain the same. You have no idea of the cultural understand of the country you’ve been assigned to visit. There is...

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Funny translations

When English is not your first language, it can be a bit frustrating. Sometimes we assume that our national expression is the same as in the English language. Or the translated words mean something completely different in certain sentences. Let’s have a...

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Air Travel

I just got back from another trip. It always amazes me how fellow travelers appear to leave their etiquette at home and take their selfish me when leaving their house. After a long journey to the airport, we check in, begin to experience the security woes,...

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Dress code

Nowadays dress codes in the work place are changing rapidly. It is becoming more and more casual. Days of the full suit is diminishing. If your employees have to deal with your company clients, you should look at implementing a certain standard of...

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Are you that wonderful?

Last week I went to a business event. All the guest speakers and participants talked about their successes and prosperous projects. Unfortunately, nobody talked about the difficulties in start-ups or valuable lessons learned from their mistakes. Are we that scared to...

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Stop words

We all like to come across as being intelligent and honest. Either through a medium like email, phone or personally. You might be searching for words to convey the message or overuse certain words. Pay attention next time when you are having a conservation. Think of...

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Time Etiquette

Be mindful of how you approach time. Although there are general international rules, each country or culture has its own time etiquette. In Japan time is crucial, while in Ghana time is flexible. Please call or app when you are late. Of course, with a...

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I have worked with over 65 nationalities from all over the world. I am asked many times about my experiences. Last week someone popped a question: “What is the most important skill when working with foreigners.” There are a lot of skills needed and to be...

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Back in the office

The Holidays are over, we are getting ready to go back to work. The New Year brings also resolutions, so let’s start in the office. Let’s look at 5 manners that you can change, so the moral and productivity will be high. 1. Conversations We all like to...

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Happy New Year Toast

We have reached the end of the year. Maybe you are hosting a party or staying at home with some friends and family. Perhaps you have made some new resolutions or perhaps not. Toasting with a glass of bubbles is the best way for welcoming the New Year. Let’s look at...

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