Happy Holidays

The holiday season is right around the corner. Resulting in many dinners, lunches and getting dressed up for party’s etc. Remember it is the season of forgiveness, happiness, helping others, coming together and to celebrate the festive time of the year....

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Basic styling tips

We see it every season. Something is in fashion and we all think we should wear it. Instead, try to have your own style; a style that fits, that celebrates your own body type, age and social or business situation. Do not wear that crop top or fluffy flip flops. If it...

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Invest in soft skills

We may wonder why we lost an important business deal or contract, even though our products are very competitive. It might be the most minor of details that has been overlooked. Our employees are well trained, educated and know our product, but more often not in...

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Global Etiquettes is een getraind en gecertificeerd specialist op het gebied van etiquette, protocol, interculturele communicatie en imagostyling.