Nowadays dress codes in the work place are changing rapidly. It is becoming more and more casual. Days of the full suit is diminishing. If your employees have to deal with your company clients, you should look at implementing a certain standard of appearance; this can depend on the nature of your business.

Formal wear for banks and law firms is expected and a more relaxed outfit working in IT. Sometimes, a company uniform is appropriate to easily extinguish between the public and a staff member.

All other company branches should follow some form and guide of a dress code. It should be smart at the same casual with a relax look.

A simple guide for what is appropriate should be adhered to.

Some facts to consider for making a dress code policy:

  • Safety aspects in the job
  • Company image
  • Religious beliefs
  • Personal means
  • Legal issues
  • Gender discrimination

The office is a place where you work and to be taken seriously. Anything or anyone that distracts the working process and company image should be guided politely, thus to maintain productivity.

“If it distracts, it is not appropriate for the workplace. ”

Let’s look at some attire that is not appropriate for the work place:

1. Torn jeans: Unless you are working at home or for a fashion brand, cut off jeans or severely destroyed jeans or clothing items are not acceptable.

2. Revealing clothing: Low cleavage, shorts, mini-skirts and tank tops should be avoided at all times. It sends the wrong message.

3. Flip-flops or extreme high footwear: Not only does this poses a safety issue, it can also be distracting.

4. T-shirts with slogans or extreme prints. Some people might not appreciate the picture or slogan. It may also come across as childish.

5.Large jewelry pieces and accessories: Hats, caps, big earrings or necklaces are also not suitable for the workplace.