When English is not your first language, it can be a bit frustrating. Sometimes we assume that our national expression is the same as in the English language. Or the translated words mean something completely different in certain sentences.

Let’s have a look at some mistakes.

Slip and fall down carefully.

As you can see the words are correct, but it can mean something different. It means that now you should fall down, but carefully.

Correct way is → Be Aware slippery floor


He is completely in the war.

In the Netherlands, this saying means he is confused. In English it will mean that he is at war, instead of confused.

Correct way→ He is utterly confused.

Fresh crap

The word crab and crap are often mixed up as well by the sounds of the last letter p or b. It might sound the same, but it has got a completely different meaning. Crap with a “p” means to defecate in the toilet.

Correct way →Fresh crab with a “b.”


I am having my first period in the office.

The word period means a length of term. But in this sentence, it can mean in English that a woman is having or experiencing her monthly menstruation “period.”

Correct way → I am having my first term in the office.