We have reached the end of the year. Maybe you are hosting a party or staying at home with some friends and family. Perhaps you have made some new resolutions or perhaps not. Toasting with a glass of bubbles is the best way for welcoming the New Year. Let’s look at just a few tips to deliver that sparkling toast.

Make sure everyone has full glasses. If someone does not drink, offer them a nonalcoholic drink like such as water or juice.

Think ahead about what you are going to say. If you are looking for words or are stuttering, you will only embarrass yourself. Do not make jokes or long stories, keep it short and simple.

Getting the attention
Please do not clink the glass, slam the table or shout to get everyone’s attention. Simply stand up, raise your glass and announce that you will make a toast. Your guest will stop talking, even if it takes a minute for everyone to calm.

Stand up, smile and raise your glass. Do look at your guests and not to the table or ceiling. Establish a bit of eye contact with everyone. Give them a feeling that they are important. Talk clearly and relaxed. Start off with thanking your guests for being there to celebrate this day.

If you are the honored guest and the recipient of the toast, please do not raise the glass. Always participate even when you do not like the person or value the toast. Remember to sip the champagne and not gulp it down as it is your last glass of champagne ever.

Global Etiquettes would like to wish you a bubbly and fruitful New Year.